Embedding eSkills in Initial Teacher Training


The decision to become a teacher is a noble and rewarding choice but it presents individuals with many challenges. Trainee teachers are often overwhelmed by the amount of knowledge they are expected to acquire in order to be an effective teacher. Embedding eSkills in Initial Teacher Training (ITT) aims to alleviate one of the challenges - that of integrating the effective use of technology into their teaching. By embedding eSkills into the teacher training process it is possible to build confidence in teachers and help them feel comfortable with the technology, in turn enabling them to identify when and where to use technology to enhance the learning process, a vital skill in 21st century learning. This paper provides an overview of the eSkills programme and explains how it was embedded in ITT programmes.

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Szpytma E. & Bone C. (2011) “Embedding eSkills in Initial Teacher Training”, Teaching in Lifelong Learning. 3(2). doi: https://doi.org/10.5920/till.2011.323






Elaine Szpytma
Catherine Bone




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