“In Other Words”: The Synonym Method (TSM)© in GCSE English Language Studies


Writing relevant analytical paragraphs is crucial for GCSE English Language students. However, for students in the Further Education (FE) context of this research, confidence is often diminished by prior examination failures. This study introduces The Synonym Method (TSM)© – a teaching strategy I, the researcher, created and developed to improve this. The researcher teaches English in a West Yorkshire FE college. With recourse to qualitative methodology, the researcher recorded and transcribed interviews to explore the efficacy of the method, focusing on how it enables previously unsuccessful students to rethink English studies. The researcher’s findings indicate that TSM improves confidence and performance in his students and colleagues’ students. The researcher recommends further research into the applicability and efficacy of TSM in other educational contexts. As its title suggests, the study seeks the introduction of TSM for teachers and students to satisfy the criteria of GCSE English examination boards.


Analysis; Paragraphs; GCSE; English Language; Synonyms; Connotations

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Aisbitt S. (2017) ““In Other Words”: The Synonym Method (TSM)© in GCSE English Language Studies”, Teaching in Lifelong Learning. 8(1). doi: https://doi.org/10.5920/till.2017.05






Stuart Aisbitt




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