The Need For Lifelong Learning In Nigeria’s Banking Industry


The continuous change in every facet of today’s world has created the need for every individual and organisation to engage with Lifelong Learning, and has further underscored the age-long argument that learning is from cradle to grave; from birth to death. The need for Lifelong Learning in the workplace has particularly proved germane given the knowledge-driven world we now live in. Amongst all the workplaces of the world, the banking industry appears to be very important and strategic, in terms of national financial issues and development. Given this role, for the banking industry of a developing economy like Nigeria’s, the desire for Lifelong Learning cannot be overrated and overemphasised. This article is a position paper which identifies gaps in skills in the Nigerian banking industry and highlights the importance of Lifelong Learning in this regard. The paper provides specific recommendations on how Lifelong Learning can be embedded in the Nigerian banking industry.


Lifelong Learning; Banking Industry; Workplace; Knowledge-driven

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Paul Akpomuje
Oluyemisi Obilade




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